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Q. Can i reduce shrinkage contraction of my injected wax patterns?
A. Heavier sectioned parts can sink as a result of excessive contraction during cooling.A different choice of pattern wax such as Castylene B395 can be utilised to minimise this contraction.This wax is more viscous at the same temperature and is less capable to fill the finer jewellry parts but it is ideal for Gravity poured and injected heavier sectioned parts.
Q.Can i reduce shrinkage contraction of my injected wax patterns?
Q.Can i use a pouring wax such as Aqua J100 for slush casting?
Q.Can i use one slurry tank for both primary and backup coats?
Q.How do i stick multi-gated waxes onto trees/assemblies?
Q.What grade of stucco do i need to use after primary coating?

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